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The Jim LaPorte Charity KATVA / KORMA Caching Event

  • June 05, 2021
  • September 30, 2021
  • Five Points Trail System



Do you like to geocache?  Then you're going to like this event! 

You will receive a printable passport upon registration.  Throughout the KATVA / KORMA 5-Points trails are 10 caches hidden for you find - each with a unique punch for you to punch your passport.  Collect as many punches as you can, submit your passport before October 1 and be entered to win prizes.

This is a charity event that members will do at their own pace.  

  1. Passports cost $20. (Limit 1 passport per person.)
  2. Proceeds go to Craig's Cause Pancreatic Cancer Society
  3. Support our local businesses and sponsors - give a "thank you" shout out on social media.
  4. This is a fun event for the whole family that we can do while social distancing.
  5. No refund will be given at anytime. Prize draws and charitable donations will proceed even if event cannot run due to covid-19 restrictions.

Jim LaPorte

Jim LaPorte passed on February 12th, 2020 after an 18 month battle with pancreatic cancer. To Jim, his family and friends came first but he was also so very passionate about KATVA. He was a tireless and dedicated volunteer who did everything that was ever asked of him and more. There was no part of the KATVA operations that Jim was not involved in somehow. He was an avid ATV Safety trainer and the kids who worked with him adored him almost as much as he enjoyed them. He could be seen on the trails putting up signs or using a shovel and in the KATVA booth at every show greeting members and promoting the trails to the general public. He was a wealth of knowledge and experience and such a valuable part of the KATVA family.  Due to the good nature of always wanting to help others we thought what better way to honour Jim then to hope that those who love the sport the way he did could help raise awareness and funds to help others going through the same battle with pancreatic cancer that he did. With ongoing research funded by donations, the goal is to find a way to be able to diagnosis pancreatic cancer sooner or find a treatment to help with better odds then is available today.

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